One of my favorite blogs to follow, Oh Happy Day, has recently been booming with colorful fun. Not that Jordan rarely has anything colorful on her blog, but these past few DIY posts have been right up my alley. I’m always in the mood for new DIY projects since I’m a very big DIY kind of girl — but I rarely make the time to think about fresh new ideas. I take a shortcut by decking out my parties with ideas such as these. They are way too fun to pass up sharing here.

Polka Dot Stamped Party Cups (project by Tokketok)

Everything about this project I adore. Easy. Fun to look at. And fun to make, no doubt. I think I shall be trying this one out very soon.

Wooden Spoon Ribbon Flags

Spoons are often the most boring part of any party I throw. What a clever way to deck them out!

Polka Dot Tablecloth (project by Jenny of Hank & Hunt)

So I’m one of those girls that hates when my dining room table gets scratched and scuffed during high traffic time. A tablecloth has always been my safety blanket against such things. But a self-made polka dot tablecloth? It’s on for the next party.

Dip Dye Ribbon (via Ruffled, project by the ladies from Hey Look)

Yes, I know this isn’t from Oh Happy Day, but this project fits in so well the other three, don’t you think? The ribbons comes out looking so pretty.

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