So many lovely DIY projects come out this time of year. All the creative folks infuse so much energy into putting together Christmas-y things for us all to do this time of year. As much as I love creating my own things, I feel like being lazy today for one reason: I was tempted to share all the other holiday inspired DIY projects that I’ve been seeing instead of putting up one of my own…and I’m fulfilling that temptation. So here’s a roundup of some of my favorite Christmas projects:

ONE: Advent Calendar via The Little Red House (for those that don’t mind being half a month behind)

TWO: Glitter Deer via Martha Stewart

THREE: Piñata Tree via Anthology

FOUR: Lollipop Ornaments via Creature Comforts

FIVE: Watercolor Confetti via Oh Happy Day (project by Joke of Tokketok)

SIX: Glitter Gift Bags via The Sweetest Occasion (project by Hank + Hunt)

SEVEN: Washi Tape Ornaments via Odessa May

EIGHT: Glitter Wall Sign via Katie’s Pencil Box

NINE: Tinsel Swizzle Sticks via Odessa May

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