A grand affair is coming ’round…

{image credits:  1 lace hankie 2 cake 3 candlesticks 4 hair blooms 5 room 6 lace dress 7 golden shoes 8 china}

  • Inessa Zherebnenko

    this palette makes me dream of Paris for some reason!

  • Tanya

    Believe it or not but I’m simply falling in love with pink. The soft feminine kind, mind you. :)

  • Anastasia Marie

    That’s what inspiration boards are supposed to make you do :)

  • Alla

    I must agree with Tanya again…I used to be extremely reluctant when it came to anything pink, but the blogging world has transformed my outlook on this color. I seem to have a growing affinity for it…I recently even bought two pink shirts!

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