Happy Thursday, folks! I’m taking off early this week {again}. Too much to do this weekend with my husband’s pending trip to Oklahoma and with some new and exciting plans coming ’round. Next week I’m going to be incorporating two completely new posts on my blog: DIY Love and New on Etsy.

DIY Love posts will be all about handcrafting on your own. These posts will be step by step tutorials on how to create fancy paper goods with your own two hands from small party favors to big banners, get ready to become craft obsessed.

New on Etsy will showcase the newest paper goods added to my Etsy Shop {AnastasiaMarieShop} during the week. Not every card and stationery set I post is available for purchasing and not every paper good added to my Etsy shop gets its own post on my blog, so these posts will let you know what’s up for grabs!

To make things easier {I certainly hope that the case} I put together a simple chart to show you what my posting schedule will generally look like throughout the week. There will now be five different categories that will show up every week: Be Inspired, DIY Love, Custom Work, New on Etsy, and The Weekend Post. I’ll be mixing my inspirational palettes with my inspired by posts, and they as a group will now be called Be Inspired {but will still remain to have their own categories.


Posts that fall under the Featured, Giveaways, Guest Blogging, Inspirational Weddings, Real Weddings, and Surveys categories will not be posted on specific days, but whenever.

So I’m definitely looking forward to these new changes! Feel free to share what sorts of DIY projects you’d like to see on this blog!


This week was filled with inspiring images. First we started off with Palette #52: Something Blue, featuring a blue and brown color scheme. And then we were inspired by the lovely Heather Bullard and her oh so pretty styled photographs. And then the black and white vintage airplane photo shoot was too brilliant.

I also showed you a set of thank you cards custom designed for the parents of a bride: With Much Gratitude. But my most favorite post of all was the one saying Happy Birthday to my father, who turned 50 this year! Have you seen it yet? Go back into my dad’s early years


Love the purple is this outdoor wedding via Hey Gorgeous!

This inspirational wedding via The Sweetest Occasion gets me all giddy for spring.

I want to buy a load of this pretty floral tape via Etsy.


Last week I went out for lunch with my sister since my husband was off in Savannah, Georgia on a work-related trip. We made a little stop at Barnes and Noble and I simply fell in love with these new hardcover, leather-bound classics that I found there. I think my next book on my to-buy list is this amazing Chronicles of Narnia one, all the books compacted into one. Isn’t the cover design simply stunning? And it feels so lovely underneath my fingertips. Buy the books in this series via Barnes and Noble.


  • Alla

    Gah, I love that book..the content especially, but that cover is swell too!

  • Tanya

    oooh…love the tape! It really spices up the brown paper and makes it look lovely! Never thought I would want to save tape, but this is just too pretty to throw away!!

  • Anastasia Marie

    Tanya: Oh gosh, I know! I swear I’ll be buying some!
    Alla: we need to make a shopping trip together!

  • Alla

    Shopping trip? Yes, please.

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