Yes, you’ve read it right. Next week we are back to normal. Good-bye Mr. Flu, I shall not miss you. But I would rather that you leave all the way very soon. I would like my nose back, thank you very much. {But on the downside, it’s now my husband’s turn to be sick. Such a bummer!}

I think I’m just slightly overly excited about coming back. I miss working and blogging about what I’m doing. But while I haven’t been doing anything work-related, I have been “pinterest-ing” my life away. Yes, I got a Pinterest and I’m loving it! The super easiest way to catalog images and have the sources ready when you need them. I just adore this simple useful tool.

This weekend I’m planning on regrouping. Putting together some posts. Seeing my family {feels like its been forever}. Yes, this weekend is going to be cheerful as bubbles. What are you doing this weekend? {image via flickr}

Well, this week was quite uneventful. But there were two things to see: a set of shimmery wedding stationery and a palette {All Natural}. Well, okay…three posts if you count my last minute sick-post so you would all know what I’m not posting anything.

And the giveaway! Valentine’s Day is coming ’round and I wanted to give you all a chance to win your own custom handcrafted card for your love. The giveaway started last Friday and ended last night. So…who gets to design one of their very own? Aubrey! I’ll be contacting her via email today.

Daniel Usenko posted part two of his Brazil trip. Remember part one? Make sure you’ve seen both!

This makes me want to go travel even more than I already do {via this is glamorous}.

See part one and part two of this gorgeous wedding via Style Me Pretty.

I love spring advertisements. They make me feel like winter is almost over when it’s hardly begun. Aren’t these Alberta Ferretti ones so whimsical and beautiful?

I get even more giddy when I find out that Ruche is coming out with another lookbook. Yes, Stephanie Williams has given us a little preview and I’m excited to see more!

But a most fascinating discovery? Well, it’s not my discovery, but the story and photos are so interesting! Have you heard of Vivian Maier? Make sure you watch this short documentary on her…I think I’ve watched it several times already. Well, the documentary will tell you a better story, but nonetheless, as a short introduction, she was a street photographer discovered after her death…and I simply love her work: {all images via here}

  • Inessa Zherebnenko

    Beautiful photographs, and the documentary is so lovely. I have a big weekend of finally taking down my Christmas tree as I have not been able to do so since I was away on business for the first half of this new year. Then we are meeting with our wedding coordinator to go over some details for our big day.

  • Sophia Alfred

    Am I glad to learn about this Vivian Maier photographer! SUCH a great find of personal style and view of the world :) Glad her photos are out for the public to see finally.

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