What a week! But it was a super week indeed! Booked a trip to Maui for 11 days! Let you see my birthday party invitations, which got featured on Oh So Beautiful Paper! Had you taste some cupcakes from Alla & Olga’s cupcake shop! Finished up a set of wedding invitations and had them picked up! And now I’m ready for the weekend! Perhaps some snow is on the menu, for my husband is thinking of taking a trip up to the mountains on Saturday. Snowball fight? I’m still thinking about whether I want to beg for mercy or whether I…yes, mercy would be the only thing. I stink at snowball fights. What are you all doing?

And I just wanted to throw this up in the air for you: tomorrow {Dec 18th} is the last day to order Christmas cards so you can get them in time for Christmas!!

How about some fun links for the weekend and a little bit of inspirational material?

I love this holiday inspired photo shoot! So much to see!

I love when couples pose in front of artistic walls. These two {image one: Heather Kincaid, image two: Daniel Usenko} by far have the prettiest backgrounds I’ve seen all year!

Who celebrates Christmas with WARM weather? Postcards & Pretties shows us how its done!

I’ve been putting up inspiration palettes for Christmas parties this week on my Chartreuse blog, but this Christmas party on Pizzazzerie takes the cake home.

Happy weekend all!

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